My favorite websites that I visit frequently:

Official Travel Sites:

Amtrak -The only national wide passenger train service in USA.

jetBlue – My most favorite airline I fly with.

American – This is only airline I will fly if I go to Dominican Republic.

United – The airline that I fly after jetBlue.

Delta – The “Alright” airline I would fly with.

Greyhound – If you want to travel by bus in USA, this is the go.

Megabus – The new upscale bus with affordable fares.

Flixbus – The new low cost bus service

Fan Pages:

Noel Phillips – The one of my favorite Youtube vlogger all about his travel

Josh Cahill – The only one true Aviation Youtube vlogger all about airlines out there.

Virtual RailFan – Over 50+ live rail cams around the country, a must see.

RailStream – Other live rail cams

Message Boards:

AmtrakTrains – The only message board I know I usually drop by often. – Other cool message board to check out

Misc Pages:

Amtrak Real Time Tracker – If you ever travel and want to check your train wherever it goes, use this one!

FlightRadar24 – I love this site, you can track any planes in the world, in real time!

AmtrakTimeTable – The unofficial site with all Amtrak schedules in PDF, Dining Menus and all others.