March 22, 2023, Alexander Blade’s website and OpenIV website also went down and still not active to the internet that left the GTA V fans in the dark for the updates on Script Hook V and OpenIV. Lucky for me, I did not realized that I still had the latest zip file that was sitting in my PC when I downloaded on March 11th and it was the recent version for both of these programs so I decided to make this page so anyone who are GTA V fans can download them.

As far, as myself I am huge fan of GTA V games since 1990s when they first released and loved it since. However, when GTA released their newest version GTA 5, I bough it for my PC, for one reason: Modding so I can learn and how to get into it and loved it since. Then when I found Script Hook V and OpenIV, everything is history. I had made donations to show support and I am blessed to have someone like Alexander who worked so hard and make this possible so you all can enjoy his work.

UPDATE: The website is backup but I’ll leave this page up just in case.

Script Hook V

Open IV

NOTE: These files are created and developed by respected developers. This is an temporary mirror so everyone can be able to download these files for their GTA V games. All are virus-free and no harm to your PC. I held no responsibility if there are issues.