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Hello and welcome to my site! I’m Joseph, the Deaf Travel Vlogger on Youtube and I take pictures and filming wherever I go and share with the world. I always enjoy doing this for 25+ years while it was being a lurker on YouTube, so it inspires me to start this new venture and go fly high! With his novel experience travelling on rail such as Amtrak and all other rail mode transportation across the country, he shares his experience to the world. Hence, he loves to travel mostly on Amtrak because it’s his hobby since when he was little kid.

During his free time, he loves to explore all other videos on Youtube , read rail magazines and all message board he usually visits and at the same time, spend his time with his lovely family and his children. He has been documenting his travel stories, but he never had a chance until now, that is when he started this journey at TransitRider Productions.

This website is new, so I’ll be adding a lot of contents such as Youtube  Videos, Pictures and all other cool stuff you can find, and all others, so bookmark this page and look for all our updates in the future.

Once again, welcome to my site and enjoy!

This is me riding in the Amtrak Sleeper Car called Roomette in 2009 when I first travel from Florida to New York City and it was the best memories I ever rode. Great staff, food and the journey experience. It’s all mind blowing. I’ve been riding Amtrak for 15+ years and always loved it. I’ll look forward to the 2022-2023 journey will continues ….